In today's world and due to man-made climate change, every company should pay attention to its ecological footprint.

We do the same at Tenstad!

Human rights
We work with our suppliers, workers and international organizations to develop a supply chain where human rights are a top priority. We want our work to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate change
We work with suppliers who pay attention to sustainability in their production chain.
In addition, orders are only sent in bulk in order to keep the burden as low as possible.
With DHL, we rely on a leading logistics company for delivery that pays attention to its ecological footprint.

In Germany alone, over 490 million items were returned in 2018. A very high number that has been trending in the wrong direction in recent years. We try to produce fewer returns by specifying the size accurately.

In addition, returns at Tenstad are not simply thrown away, but are resold as B-goods.

Help us in our mission to keep our planet as it is.