About Us

We at Tenstad run our small fashion label with love and want to give you extraordinary joy with every piece. Tenstad should stand for a label where every piece tells a story and every woman over 40 finds herself in a simple masterpiece. We are based on the classic Scandinavian boutique, perhaps you have already been to Holland and experienced boutiques like this...

Our brand is more than just fashion; it is a statement of style, self-confidence and the timeless beauty that comes with life after 40.

In a world that is often dominated by trends, we focus on the authentic and unique. Each of our unique Scandinavian pieces tells a story. Our collections are like a journey through the Nordic landscape: calm, yet powerful; simple, but never boring.

For the ladies who live life to the fullest and know that true beauty comes with time, we offer a selection of carefully curated garments that capture the essence of Scandinavian sophistication. From fine knitwear that combines warmth and style to timeless jewelry that promises elegance in every movement, our collection is made for women who celebrate their individuality.

With a focus on quality, sustainability and timeless design, we invite you to be inspired by our collection. Here you will not only find clothing, but also a community of women who live life to the fullest and see themselves in our brand.

Welcome to Tenstad, where Scandinavian elegance is expressed in every detail and women over 40 can reveal their true beauty.

We have our headquarters in beautiful Karlsruhe and a branch in Berlin.

The following values ​​adorn our corporate culture:

- Individuality

- Cosmopolitanism

- Uniqueness

- Attention to detail

Discover your personal definition of beauty and style - because we're not just about fashion, but about the art of expressing yourself.